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1、In January, the Research Institute's Scientific and technological achievements industrialization development and management took first prize at the National Enterprise Management-Modernization Innovation Achievements awards, the Examination Committee announced at the 17th session, marking a new level of management at the Institute.

2、To implement the world-class manufacturing and continuous improvement system, and Lean Six Sigma management, advocated by ChemChina, the Institute's leaders held a 2011 mobilization meeting, on May 13, after which continuous improvement work entered a new stage of participation. This strategic plan is necessary for global best practices and operational excellence.

3、In late March and April, through a joint staff effort, we completed a year of overhaul work on 743 projects, done under a tight schedule, with some heavy tasks and safety and environmental-protection pressures. Thanks to the meticulous planning and proper division and coordination of work, the "four goods, one success" goals -- good equipment shutdown, good project organization, good scheduling, and good safety measures; and successful use of the maintenance device -- were reached with zero accident, zero injurie, and zero emission.

4、On May 31st, the Zigong Municipal Organization Department and the Science and Technology Bureau held a meeting to reward the city's first eight science and technology innovation teams. Our PFOA substitutes R&D group was given an award and received 20,000 yuan in subsidies.

5、On the evening of June 16, an extremely stormy night, the Institute suffered some power outages, but thanks to a resolute decision by the leaders, the staff were able to respond rapidly and implement the emergency production plans. The staff showed a strong sense of responsibility and spirit of unity and cooperation, and dealt with various difficulties to ensure proper operations and minimize losses -- a perfect performance in stable production.

6、The eve of July 1, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) held a commendation ceremony for some grassroots Party organizations, outstanding Party members, and outstanding Party workers of national enterprises. The Institute's Party committee was given the title of "Central enterprise advanced grassroots Party organization", in recognition of our outstanding work.

7、2011 marked the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party and we took the opportunity to hold a number of celebrations to show the amount of enterprise development and to increase team cohesion. These mainly involved getting Party members of various posts and Party activists to visit patriotic education bases in Zigong, to re-examine the CCP oath, and to recall the glorious achievements of our ancestors. They also took part in a "red song" competition (the "Song of the Party"), organized by Zigong municipal Federation of Trade Unions and municipal SASAC, and got the gold medal. Our Party organization held another "red song" contest titled“Proceeding with the Sun", to which all 27 Party branches contributed. It celebrated the Party's achievements, and encouraged Party members, cadres, and employees under the leadership of the Institute's Party committee to continue the Party traditions and style, and work hard to reach the year's objectives. We also carried out activities to help Party members living in poverty.

8、With support from the leaders, we have been compiling a large amount of historical data since 2006, and have  completed the first draft of our Chenguang Records, with more than 880 pages and1.5 million words.

At the Zigong government's Science and Technology Conference on August 8our scientific contribution "The development of moderate compression ratio PTFE dispersed resin CGF238, promotion and application" took first prize in the 2011 Zigong Scientific and Technological Progress awards, our scientific contribution. The work was accredited by the Sichuan provincial Science and Technology Department on Feb 10, 2007 and has been given two invention patents. It was also recognized as a 2008 Key National New Product, in Chengdu, and has resulted in some remarkable economic and social benefits.

9、In the morning of Oct 18, we completed our distribution management system project and signed a formal agreement with UFIDA Software Co. Ltd and exchanged the Distribution Management System Completion and Inspection Report, putting our management of informatization on a new level.

10、The Sichuan provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department announced a document on Nov 29, approving a post-doctoral innovative practice base for our Institute.

11、 Our enterprise technology center passed an assessment by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, and State Tax Administration and was honored as a "State enterprise technology center", on Nov 16, 2011, making it the only national fluorine chemical enterprise technical center.

12、A key national, 11th Five-year Plan, technology support program that our institute took on – "the sub-topics of engineering plastics and specialty polymer materials industrialization key technologies" and "a development project -- high performance specialty fluoroelastomers industrialization technology"  were verified a group of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission experts on Jan 24. It will have a far-reaching, significant impact on future project promotions and the industrialization of scientific research.

13、The Institute passed a "No leakage factory" review of the Sichuan provincial Economy and Information Technology Committee, on Nov 29. The "No leakage factory" project began in 2009 and we have been aiming for "Zero discharges" since then at the urging of ChemChina's general manager, Ren Jianxin, who has promoted the following: energy conservation, emissions reduction, the elimination of equipment and pipe leakage, improved equipment management, production safety, emissions standards, energy conservation, an extended production cycle, economic efficiency, the labor environment, and staff safety and environmental protection awareness.

14、 On Sept 12, we passed the 10th Sichuan famous brands review with the highest score in the city. Since the very beginning of our brand-building efforts, our "Chenguang" brand of PTFE resin, fluorine rubber, and silicone materials have held onto their "Sichuan Famous Brand" title. In addition, our Chenguang PTFE resin has won the "Sichuan Province Customer Satisfaction" award and "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Well-known Brand" award, while the Chenguang trademark has been recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a Well-known Chinese trademark.

15、Three scientific items developed by the Institute, using its own technology, were approved by the Sichuan Science and Technology Department, on Dec 28, which were perfluorinated n-propyl vinyl ether, modified polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) suspension resin, and perfluorinated ethylene propylene (F46) emulsion technology. The first two were able to fill a gap in the domestic blank, and the third is a leader at the domestic level.

16、The Institute was awarded the "Third generation national innovation enterprise" title at a Sichuan major scientific and technological achievements conversion project meeting, on Dec 28, convened by the provincial Party committee and government. For the occasion, our president, Li Jia, spoke on "Adhering to independent innovation, accelerating results transformation, and creating the world-class fluorine chemical enterprise". Back in July 2009, our institute was recognized as a third generation national innovative pilot enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology, SASAC, and The All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU). The change from a pilot enterprise to a national innovation enterprise showed how our technological strengths have improved and how our capacity for independent innovation can continue to improve.

17、Our rapid economic development in 2011 has got a great deal of attention from central, provincial, municipal, and even county governments and, on Oct 29, Liu Qibao, head of the Sichuan provincial Party Committee and the provincial People's Congress, visited the Institute, where he spoke highly of our achievements of recent years and of how we seized opportunities, had our own innovations, and pushed rapid industrialization. Sichuan's vice governors Wang Ning and Liu Jie; the deputy secretary-general of the provincial Partycommittee, Li Chuncheng; the Zigong  Party secretary, Lei Hongjin; Zigong Party deputy-secretary and acting mayor, Peng Lin; Fushun county secretary, Tang Hong; and the deputy secretary Zou Dengquan, as well as other leaders visited the Institute to talk about solving development problems.

18、 In 2011, our Institute was on the Top 500 Chemical Companies list.

19、 The Institute's leaders have always kept the basic interests of our workers in mind, with a "people-oriented" management concept, and have got employees to share in the development results and promote enterprise harmony. By January, the employee housing fund had increased and, by May 1, the employee one-child fee went from 2.5 yuan to 5 yuan per person per month, while health fee for female employees went from 5 yuan to 10 yuan per month. As of July 1, birthday subsidies for employees went from 60 yuan to 100 yuan and, by November 1, workers' meal standards had improved. The meal allowance had increased from 6 yuan to 7 yuan, and the night shift meals increased from 3 yuan to 5 yuan. Also, a more complete occupational health inspection system was set up, covering male and female workers, scientific and technical staff, and management staff in chemical operations, as well as special type of workers and front-line production, so they can enjoy free health examinations provided by the enterprise periodically.

20、This year, the Institute's Party committee will continue its "Excelling in performance to be a model and fulfilling our duties to be a pioneer" activity at all Party branches and among all Party members, in accordance with company needs and our individual arrangements. Since October, the Institute has implemented the third stage of the activity to serve the public with a lot of activities, presentations, contests, and assessments; and the general sense of service style, performance, and ability has been significantly enhanced.

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