Visual Identification

The logo adopted the three-dimensional modelling methods, the three-dimensional "CG" combination surrounded by a circularorbit formed by the movement lines forming a unique visual identification.
The deep blue and sky blue as dominant hue implies the preciseness and calmness of high-tech industry, the sky blue symbolizes environment protection and the broad prospects of development, interspersed warmly orange give expression to the booming and lifeful spirit of the company.
Circular orbit implies various meanings, firstly, it symbolizes the collectivization core cohesion of the enterprise, and the group’s divisions united development center on CG, the outline of the outer ring symbolizes the globalization trend of CG Group.
Sphere on the outer ring is the smallest unit of polymer chemistry from the microscopic, which implies polymer chemical industry characteristics of CG.
Integral logo formation upward movement by a circular orbit which give expression to the rapid development and vigorously spirit concept of the company.

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