Corporate Culture

Business culture:

Humans and nature in harmony

People-oriented, developing safely

Embracing enterprise security :

Cherishing life, loving life, profiting without exploitation.

Safe and environmentally friendly goals:

Zero accident, zero emission, zero occupational disease.

 Relying on workers to develop the business

Caring staff

Good employees are a valuable asset and they need a good work and living environment, one in which they can share the fruits of development.

Protecting employees' interests effectively

We stick to a people-oriented management philosophy and abide by laws and regulations to safeguard the rights and interests of employees. We encourage the democratic participation of employees and protect their right of access to information and supervisory efforts.

Creating better conditions for development

We have a strategy for cultivating and developing talented people that is future-oriented, and constantly improve the training system and provide a wide range of methods for employees and enterprises to fully develop together.

Harmony among people

Harmony grows out of responsibility

Starting with tolerance, cooperation, and mutual assistance -- the little things, life cannot be harmonious without responsibility or mutuality. Life is harmonious only when everyone considers others.

Company philosophy

A good enterprise culture is the eternal cornerstone of the company.

Our purpose: To serve the motherland and society, and to benefit employees

Our spirit: Be united, pragmatic, innovative, and efficient

Our development philosophy: Respect science and talent, challenge oneself, and produce excellence

Our view of talent: Prove oneself through performance, win respect through ability, win trust through one's qualities, and win a life through one's career

Our business philosophy: , Create grow, and win future together with employees, business partners, and stakeholders

Our innovation philosophy: Be a pioneer and seize the day

Our business model: Develop a strategy and win for a thousand miles

 Moral concepts

Morality: gratitude is a virtue, integrity a quality

Life: life is about giving rather than taking

Righteousness and profit: a person who puts righteousness before profit is honorable

Cultivating virtue: simplicity makes a person wise and tranquility broadens the mind.

Learning: accumulate it steadily, stimulate it abruptly.

Frugality: even if it's only rice porridge, think of how hard it was to produce

Behavior: nothing is impossible, it just depends on the effort

The concept of integrity

Be diligent and thrifty, not greedy.

Philosophy: ill-gotten gains are not good

Awareness: ill-gotten gains should not be accepted

Supervision: ill-gotten gains should not be taken


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