Scientific Research Team

Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Chenguang)  has 1,030 people in R&D, 622 of them in scientific research and development, with middle-aged people below the age of 45 accounting for 95 percent of total personnel and forming an innovation team with those aged 30-45 as the backbone.

- Municipal science and technology innovation team; new organic fluorine materials research and development team

- Organic fluorine materials key lab, Sichuan Province

- Sichuan province postdoctoral innovation base, a graduate practice base of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering;


The Chenguang Institute research and innovation team have handled 28 major national, ministerial, or provincial organic fluorine science and technology projects in recent years and have independently dealt with at least 20 types of organic fluorine materials.

The Zhonghao Chenguang Institute has a professional R&D department and center


The Institute deals with fluorine-containing fine chemicals, specialty fluoride monomer, fluorine resin, fluorine resin applications, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber applications, silicone, and has an applications laboratory.

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