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Provincial Committee and media visit our new industrialized construction site
Source: 中昊晨光化工研究院有限公司 Date: 2012-09-06

媒体记者在晨光院5000吨高品质悬浮树脂乳液中控室采访 林洋摄

Sichuan TV, Sichuan Economic Daily, and some other media representatives, in the company of members of the Sichuan Economic and Information Technology Committee, spoke with the Institute, on September 5, 2012 to get a deeper understanding of our operations.

The interview lasted for half a day, with Cheng Jiong, director-general of the Science and Technology Dept, introducing the Institute’s development, innovations, and planning concepts for the 12th Five-year Plan. Cheng emphasized the effort in improving scientific innovation and, competitiveness and our unique pathway to development.

The media group said they will follow the institute’s further development.

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