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ERP project of ZhongHaoChenguang was formally launched for operation
Source: ZhonghaoChenguang Date: 2015-05-06


After six months’ careful preparation and implementation, the information management system SAP-ERP project of ZhonghaoChenguang was formally launched on May 4th for operation.

ERP that is Enterprise Resource Planning System, is a supply chain management thought proposed by American Computer Technology Consulting and Assessment (Gartner Group Inc), which builted on the basis of information technology, with systematic management thought, provided a management platform for business decision-makers and staff to make decision operation method.

ZhonghaoChenguang held aon-line ERP mobilization meeting to ensure the success of launching on April 28.

ZhonghaoChenguang started SAP-ERP project on Oct. 15th of last year, based on integrating and upgrading existing information systems, and further to enhance the overall management level, improve management and control efficiency. The project is based on China chemical ERP global template, the business scope involves to finance, material, purchasing, production, sales, equipment, quality and project management, it focus on enhancing efficiency of eight business areas, and achieving the benefit of four management as effective management, system implementation, operational synergies, and cost refined. Project supported on information to achieve the purpose of  enhancing control, capable personnel, and reducing cost, achieving mutual promotion and high degree integration of enterprise informatization, business, depending on technological innovation and management improvement, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of fluorine chemical industry chain.

The whole project was implemented by four step as start, blueprint design, system implementation, on-line preparation, the project team effectively worked on investigation of existing situation, demand analysis, business blueprint design and research, as well as the corresponding system configuration, development work, worked on system testing and training, it started simulation runsince April 7th this year, and system switching on April 20th, completed the work of user testing reports, data conversion, requisite user training as planned to ensure the operating environment ready, and established on-line support system, ensured the SAP-ERP project was formally launched and runedas planned on May 4th.

Meeting to introduce ERP construction

Chenguang SAP-ERP project director described to reporter the major changes may caused on the core aspects after the system operated on purchasing, production, equipment management etc., such as real-time monitoring stock via SAP-ERP system when purchasing, if the actual stockless than safety stock, the system will automatically send out a purchase requisition, the purchasing department will replenish according to the application after necessary approvals, to ensure the safety stock and production needs, avoid the disadvantages of unclear stock previously and wasting by over brought, the relevant departments could know the usage of every device(equipment) timely by the system, easy to equipment inspection and maintenance and scientific management; as the aspects of quality management, the quality testing of raw materials and products unified classified into SAP system to manage so as to track the material quality. After SAP-ERP project implemented, informatization management will run through all aspects of the enterprise business, to reach the purpose of effectively improving the management level and strengthening the efficiency of management and control.

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