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The company successfully passed the first surveillance audit after the revision of the Energy Manage
Source: ZhonghaoChenguang Date: 2015-06-01

The Sichuan Three Gorges Certification Co., Ltd. organized five experts to conduct the first surveillance audit for the Energy Management System (GB / T 23331-2012) of ZhonghaoChenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.  after the revision from May.27th to 28th.  During the two-day’s audit, the audit group did a comprehensive and systematic sampling-audit to the main departments which the company energy system covered.

Energy system audit

Through the audit in the total 550 samples, it is found out 3 unqualitied items, all of which are the generally unqualified items, and 7 observed items. During the close meeting on May.28th, the audit group agreed that the operation of the company's energy management system is accord with the requirements of GB / T 23331-2012. The energy management policy and objectives are clear.  During the system operation process, it is accordance with the requirements of the program files and manuals and can be sustained improvement. andIt is agreed to continue to maintain certification.

In the close meeting, the management representative of company’s energy management system, Liyi Chen emphasized that the company will also take this opportunity to seriously summarize and analyze the questions and suggestions proposed by the audit group, “draw inferences about other cases from one instance”, and will implement the rectification seriously. Under the current situation of market downturn, we need to further improve the employee’s awareness of energy saving, to implement saving energy and reducing consumption, and to put an end to cope with the attitude to make the system operational presence "mismatch" phenomenon; in the future work, combined with the practical situation, to further strengthen the enforcement of energy management system policy, starting from the perspective of process control and systems optimization, to achieve the maximum efficiency through meticulous management.


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