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ZhongHaoChenGuang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Company Won Top Ten Enterprises of Overall Industrial Strength of Zigong
Source: 中昊晨光 Date: 2016-05-06

March 21 afternoon, Zigong Industrial meeting has been held which comprehensively summarized Zigong’s Industrial development in "Twelfth Five-Year" period, and arranged industrial tasks of this year. It also commended and rewarded the city's top ten enterprises of overall industrial strength in 2015. Due to outstanding operating, CHENGUANG won the "top ten". General manager and party secretary Li Jia attended on behalf of the company and exchanged experiences as the top three companies at the meeting .Lei HongJin, Party Secretary of Zigong, awarded the prize to Li Jia.

01.    Party Secretary Lei Hongjin Awarded Li Jia.JPG

02.Top Ten Enterprises of Overall Industrial Strength of Zigong in 2015.JPG

In order to encourage enterprises to accelerate industrial development, the municipal committee and government comprehensively take Industrial Enterprises, warehousing taxes and innovation and other indicators completion into account, ranked DONGFANG Boiler Company, HUAXI Energy Company, ZhongHaoChenGuang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Company, Cemented Carbide Company, Transport machine Company, CHUANRUN company, Huvis Company, Ocean power industrial Company, DONGFANG Color Steal Company totally 10 companies as the city's top ten enterprises of overall industrial strength in 2015.

03.General manager and party secretary Li Jia Exchanging Experiences at the Meeting.JPG

During communicating of experiences, took focus on innovation-driven and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises as the theme, LiJia introduced the successful practices of the company to play research and development advantages, focus on innovation platform’s construction,  carry out research with cooperation, implement intellectual property strategy, innovate management mechanism to speed up enterprise’s development. By 2015, under the press of economic downturn and severe market environment, CHENGUANG achieved operating income of 1.343 billion yuan, profits of 110 million yuan. During the "Twelve Five" period, CHENGUANG totally invested 550 million yuan in technology, realize the gross value of industrial output of 10.2 billion yuan and total profit of 1.08 billion yuan, becoming the leading enterprise driving the development of CHENGUANG industrial park in technological innovation and industrialization. Li Jia said that in 2016, facing the complex economic environment, CHENGUANG will seize the central "supply-side structural reforms" deployment requirements, support and strengthen the leading role of the enterprise’s innovation, innovate the management , improve quality and efficiency , tap potential to deepen internal reform, comprehensively open cooperation, develop the craftsman's spirit to enhance manufacturing capability, and strive to improve product and service delivery, improve product quality and grades, and preferably meet the individual needs of the market, to win a place in the market competition. CHENGUANG will also continue to contributing to construct a powerful economic city and realizing grand strategy to build overall well-off society.

Conference to mobilize the whole city further unify their thinking, firmly grasp the industrial economic development, lay a solid foundation to "winning comprehensive well-off, building established City". Party Secretary Lei Hongjin , Mayor Liu Yongxiang, chen Hua who is the director of the Standing Committee of Zigong , Pan Zejin who is the chairman of CPPCC, Wang Meng who is the Municipal Committee member and the Party committee secretary High-tech Zone attended. Vice Mayor Tang Jie chaired the meeting.

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